Volkswagen Under Star Wars Attack Again by Greenpeace

Environmental lobbying group Greenpeace is to launch a second Star Wars-themed marketing attack against Volkswagen's eco-friendly claims.

The organisation has created a digital campaign site that features a countdown to the launch of a spoof "Jedi edition" Volkswagen Golf which claims to offer 75% lower CO2 emissions than an average car plus a hybrid engine that gives 315 miles to the gallon.

The Greenpeace campaign mimics Volkswagen's own 2011 TV ads that starred Darth Vader. Their site will feature a video showing Volkswagen winning a Green Star award for their eco-friendly Jedi MK7 car and will coincide with the launch of the latest VW Golf in September.

Posted earlier this week, a Greenpeace blog explained their position: "Don't you just hate it when someone has the power to make a real difference, but won't use it? Take Volkswagen for instance. It's Europe's biggest car maker, eager to display itself as a friend of the environment and known worldwide for its high standards of engineering. Yet for years VW has failed to put its money where its mouth is and commercially produce cars that are both cheap to run and emit far less CO2 than the rest of the market."

It is not known whether Greenpeace obtained permission to use Star Wars characters in their latest campaign, however they were forced to pull their first video attack on the VW brand that was published on YouTube in 2011 by Star Wars rights holder Lucas Film for breaching copyright.

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