Virgin Trains Website Sees User Experience Revamp

The Virgin Trains website was relaunched yesterday with not only an appealing new look and feel, but with a vastly improved user experience.

Customers arriving at the home page will see design changes that make a stronger first impression. The new search interface provides a simpler experience than the old version, with features such as providing a quick link to trains today or tomorrow which saves users the bother of having to type in or select dates. The search results themselves are vastly improved, with available times and fares on the same results page, saving an extra step in the process, and making it much easier to decide which train to book. Users will also find it far simpler than before to edit details on their selected journey without having to go back to the beginning of the process.

User experience reviewer Graham Charlton from industry website Ecommerce concluded, "The new Virgin Trains website is definitely a big improvement on the previous version. Most importantly, the process of searching for and booking tickets is very easy, and compares well with other train websites, some of which can be frustrating to use."

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