UK Data and Consumer Privacy Certification to Be Introduced by Specific Media

Ad network Specific Media is set to introduce a UK data and consumer privacy certification to build consumer and industry confidence in its data processes.

Specific Media is one of the ad networks working towards self-regulation with the aim of addressing consumer concerns around privacy through transparency (declaring how and why consumers are being tracked around the internet) and giving users the choice to opt out.

UK VP of Specific Media, Ian Dowds commented: "As with most things digital, we're trying to align the UK and Europe with the US, at a time when data handling and sources are a hot topic... In the next few weeks we'll be introducing a similar audit by a UK company, with a stamp."

The company performing the audit in the UK will be announced within the next few weeks. The new certification will follow a similar approach to that of US data and privacy auditor TrustE. The US division of Specific Media used TrustE's third-party data collection programme called Trusted Data Collection to launch its compliancy certification.

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