Top Rated Brands Show Simplified Customer Experience Is Best

According to a survey by Siegel & Gale of more than 6,000 consumers in seven countries, brands will gain more market share by basing their customer experience and communications strategies around the 'keep it simple, stupid' principle.

Here in the UK, 87% of the consumers who took part in the research said they would be more likely to recommend what they consider to be a simple brand.

In addition, the respondents claimed they would also be willing to pay a premium of more than 5% for simplified communications and experiences.

The annual Simplicity Index saw Google and Amazon crowned in first and second position, while John Lewis increased its simplicity score by 26% on the 2010 results to reach third place.

Head of Marketing and Brand at John Lewis, Lloyd Page, attributed this success to a relentless focus on creative consistency and tone of voice, but also in staying committed to its 'Never Knowingly Undersold' brand pledge.

Siegel & Gale EMEA President Philip Davies concluded that especially in the current economic climate, building simplicity into brand experience is crucial: "A hint of anything tricky, difficult or uncertain will be a real danger signal for anyone that's thinking about purchasing. If you are transparent, avoid anything that's awkward or jargonistic, you remove not just the reluctance to purchase but the stress of doing so, and that's a powerful weapon for competitive advantage."

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