Tetley Tea Brand to Get Modernised Marketing Revamp

In a bid to modernise its marketing and give it wider public appeal, well-known tea brand Tetley has decided to move away from using its traditional Tea Folk characters in ads.

Owned by Tata Global Beverages, Tetley brought back the cartoon Tea Folk to its advertising after a decade of absence in 2010. While it is as yet unclear whether these ambassadors will now be scrapped altogether, the company has confirmed they will be less prominent in future marketing.

In partnership with its creative agency Dare, Tetley is now preparing a revamped multimedia campaign with the new strapline "Make time. Make Tetley" - while this is already being used in a radio campaign, Tetley will ramp up the new marketing slogan across a range of channels over the coming months.

Vice President of Marketing at Tata Global Beverages, Adrian Mooney, commented: "This evolving of our brand message is just one step forward in how to better differentiate Tetley - helping ensure we remain front of mind and continue to build upon our success."

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