Tesco's New Scheme Aims to Educate Children about Food

Tesco has today launched their new 'Farm to Fork' scheme, which aims to take 1 million primary school pupils on educational trails in factories, farms and supermarkets to teach them where food comes from and how it is made.

Managing Director of Tesco UK, Chris Bush, commented: "We know parents are concerned that kids don't always understand how food is made and where it comes from, which is important to developing a strong positive life-long relationship with food."

The move follows recent figures from the Future Foundation, which found that fewer than 10% of children eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, while half of parents claim they fear the impact of their children's diet on their long-term health.

The Farm to Fork scheme forms part of their 'Eat Happy Project' (also launching today), which has the overall goal of helping people eat more healthily. The supermarket giant has earmarked £15m for the scheme in the first year; it will be backed by a standalone website as well as marketing activity in store and across digital plus social media channels.

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