Tesco Partners with Weve to Trial Geo-Fence Discounts at New Concept Stores

With the aim of raising public awareness of their newly launched London concept stores, Tesco has joined forces with O2-owned Weve to release a mobile coupon trial initiative.

Weve created a habitual location geo fence to tap into consumers who passed by the Villiers Street store or travelled in and out of Embankment Station at least six times over a two-week period. They also installed a real-time location geo-fence around the Tesco store to engage with consumers over the age of 18.

These geo-locations were then used to create messages which were pushed out to the targeted consumers over a two-week period, with Weve differentiating between different audiences to ensure that consumers only received a message notification once.

The message contains a link which when clicked on displays a unique mobile coupon barcode, offering £1 off a £3 shop on food-to-go. The mobile coupon can then be swiped though a new scanning system that the company is rolling out in all of its stores this year. Tesco and Weve will be monitoring the results, which will steer them on the next phase of the initiative.

FMCG Partnership Manager at Weve, Shelly Chotai, commented: "Tesco understands that mobile can and should be part of the shopping experience in ways that can directly benefit the consumer and give them a greater understanding of vouchering and couponing process.

This initiative between Weve and Tesco, tests a whole number of interesting ideas from habitual and live location, unique mobile couponing that can only be redeemed once, to the creation of bespoke audiences to drive footfall into a whole new range of stores that are different in their concept and ideas."

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