Targeted Marketing Sees Burberry Enjoying Escalating Conversion Rates

Luxury fashion designer Burberry has credited targeted marketing across all consumer touch points for the conversion hike which has seen their quarterly revenues rise by 12% in the three months to June.

Their ability to deliver more relevant content to consumers has lifted Burberry's total revenue to £370m, representing a 17% increase on the same period last year. The strong conversion performance was shown in both offline and online channels, particularly through collect-in-store and orders taken on iPads in-store.

In the coming months, Burberry will be continuing their targeted marketing strategy with new customer tools to better drive quality web traffic. They will also look to improve their negotiated partnerships with third party retailers such as Amazon in expand brand reach.

Additionally, the company will be increasing its investment in mobile channels - the Burberry mobile site will be improved and relaunched later this year to turn the tides on "high-traffic but low conversion". Following from the success of iPads orders in-store, they will also seek to further blur the lines between ecommerce and Bricks & Mortar stores.

Current Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, has said that the company's priority remains to "connect consumers closer to Burberry through authentic products and experiences that celebrate our unique heritage", as well to maintain their "intent focus" on delivering improved conversion rates.

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