Survey Finds Britons Underwhelmed by In-store Customer Experience

New research has revealed that UK consumers are losing patience with outmoded in-store customer service.

A total of 2,000 Britons were questioned about their shopping experience satisfaction levels when at brick and mortar stores in a study by the Imperial College and retail experience company Red Ant.

The survey found that over a third of consumers at 38% will leave a store if shop assistants fail to return to them in 3 minutes.

Additionally, 37% of respondents said their biggest bug bear is lack of product knowledge, with over one in five now resorting to finding answers to product questions on their personal mobile phones rather than asking a sales assistant.

One in three of the surveyants (34%) felt that in-store customer experience would be improved if retail staff were armed with tabloids.

Chief Executive of Red Ant, Dan Mortimer, commented: "Online commerce has evolved and improved significantly over the last five years, so it's perhaps unsurprising that in-store retail is starting to feel a bit underwhelming in comparison. Progressive retailers should be looking at ways that they can take the best of ecommerce, integrate it into in-store environments, and use it effectively to improve the customer experience."

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