Spotify Announces More Intuitive and Personal Design Overhaul

Online music platform Spotify is undergoing a design revamp to harness social media features - such as allowing users to follow artists, brands, friends and other high profile people.

The design overhaul will be launched next year and it will be accessible from PC browsers plus via downloadable desktop and mobile clients.

Spotify's founder Daniel Ek explained at an event in New York yesterday that the update addresses user feedback that Spotify is "great" when they know what they want to listen to, but not so great when they don't. He further said that the update will make Spotify a more "intuitive and personal" experience for users.

Their new interface is said to look similar in style to the recent MySpace revamp. It will contain newsfeed-type information, such as updates on what users' friends and the people and brands they follow have been listening to or sharing, whether bands are playing upcoming concerts nearby as well as reviews, lyrics and artist bios. New categories include "music [you may have] loved when you were 9-years-old".

In addition, the revamp will offer brands with apps on Spotify the opportunity to release updates directly on the platform rather than having to advertise their new Spotify apps elsewhere to attract the attention of users.

Spotify has further polished their marble by recently addressing criticisms alleging they pay relatively "low" artist royalties compared with CD sales or iTunes downloads. Ek confirmed that the service has paid out more than $0.5bn to artists since it launched, and that 70% of all the money they generate goes back to rights holders.

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