Skype to Use Celebrity Positioning for New Marketing Strategy

Skype is set to use parent company Microsoft's marketing clout to convince consumers it is more than a free calls provider - its new marketing strategy will now shift to entertainment positioning using celebrities.

The company is planning to create exclusive content with well known artists and celebrities who use the platform, including live Q&A's with fans and streaming gigs. It will be promoted via social media channels where appropriate, such as Microsoft's portfolio of Twitter and Facebook pages.

Jodi Mau, Skype Head of Partner Marketing, commented on their latest move: "The service is nearing its "critical mass" of consumers, attracting 200 million on average each month. It is, therefore, important the brand communicates that it remains close to its existing customers, which includes celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, rather than trying to drive numbers."

She added: "Our marketing is now about getting back to being on the ground with our customers, that's our time best spent. It's important to embrace the fact that customers are our biggest voice - they give us more value than a billboard or sticking our logo on a conference stage."

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