Scotch Whiskey Brand Chivas Regal Rolls Out New Branded Web Series

Two years after its first announcement about the idea of creating a feature-length movie to resonate with young males, Chivas Regal is set to launch a new marketing project.

Produced by The Story Lab, their branded web series on male friendship is poised for release. The storey line concept picks up from the two short films focusing on four fictional friends that Chivas Regal launched in 2011. Their aim is to use the characters in a series and possibly adapt it for the big-screen in a way "that's still attributable to Chivas but isn't branded in an advert".

The premium scotch whiskey brand has partnered with Esquire magazine to distribute the new12-part "Brotherhood" series, with the pilot (available on YouTube) featuring four real-life men from creative backgrounds such as art, catering, fashion, film and music. Scenes of them socialising with each other are interspersed with interviews about their thoughts on friendship.

This latest marketing initiative focussing on content demonstrates a rising trend in the industry - drinks makers are increasingly inserting their brands into real-life social occasions to better appeal to consumers.

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