Samsung Suffers Brand Perception Slump but Apple Victory Perhaps Short Lived

Electronics giant Samsung has suffered further bad news following the court ruling of a $1.05 billion fine awarded to Apple for trademark infringement relating to smartphone designs - their brand perception rating has now plummeted from first to 24th in YouGov's latest mobile rankings.

In addition, Samsung's 'Buzz score', which reflects the net balance of whether people have heard positive or negative things about a brand, dropped to -5.8 yesterday from 22.8 on the day the ruling was announced (23rd August).

Nevertheless, Samsung's 'Index score', an average of how customers rate a brand in terms of impression, quality, value, reputation, satisfaction and whether they would recommend it, has not seen a downturn - in fact it has seen a slight increase to 39 from 36.5 a week earlier.

Samsung has also retaliated by indicating that Apple's victory might turn sour - in an internal memo released this week they stated that brands do not win the "hearts and minds" of consumers by "prioritising litigation over innovation".

Indeed, many analysts have predicted that if Apple is successful in banning any or all of the eight Samsung products it seeks to remove from the market, the public could view them as "weak and afraid of competition".

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