Retailers Maximise Affiliate Data with New Marketing Analysis Software

Popular retail brands are signing up for the latest affiliate marketing analysis software, released by 7thingsmedia.

The Affiliate Manager Plus product uses data APIs to give brands more in-depth plus real-time analysis and reporting on their affiliate activity. It effectively helps brands to make sense of a wealth of data in a more automated way.

Retail brands that have jumped on board to improve their affiliate marketing effectiveness include Fashion Rocks, Ted Baker, Liberty, Gant and USC.

eCommerce Manager at Fashion Rocks, Robert Gray, has said that the new software will allow their company to engage in more detailed reporting than previously possible, while the automated reporting will allow for greater scale.

He commented: "The standard in the industry is still usually clicks, orders and sales, so we are intrigued to know the next level: which of our affiliates are driving our best-sellers; which type of affiliate drives the higher margin products; and which blogger sells the most..."

Helen Southgate, Online Marketing Manager for Sky and chair of the IAB's Affiliate Marketing Council, commented on a common issue when it comes to affiliate marketing: "The affiliate channel is rich with data, which enables account managers and clients to be more informed about the channel and optimise performance. However, the amount of data involved can often be debilitating in that account managers spend hours just pulling numbers when this time could be much more effectively spent on driving increased performance from the results of the data."

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