Norton to Reposition Marketing and Products towards Mobile Computing

In a move that reflects the growing trend of consumers moving from desktop computing to mobile, antivirus software company Norton is now undergoing an overhaul of its marketing strategy and product range to cover all devices as an 'everyday' brand.

Norton will also be gearing their marketing appeal more toward young consumers, since they claim that one in five under 24s will lose their phone in the next year, entailing the loss of a great deal of personal and sensitive media information.

Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Michael Williamson, says their new positioning is unique to the market since Norton's major rivals have not yet released mobile-specific products. Only start-ups have as yet produced apps and downloads that protect mobile devices.

He commented: "As consumer habits change, we need to change. We also need to ensure consumer interactions with Norton are not just when they are about to buy a product, but we want to change to becoming an information provider so we talk to them day to day."

In terms of how Norton will communicate their new strategy to the public, he added: "If we are going to say we are moving the brand to become consumer, our messaging must be everyday and beyond just digital, so we will explore areas such as outdoor and print."

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