New Website Snatter Launches to Maximise Social Media for Retailers

The Snatter service works by giving online shoppers discounts on purchases in return for posting links to retailers on their social networking pages. This is seen as a win-win marketing tool as the public will get better deals on purchases and retailers will generate online 'buzz' from genuine customers who are about to buy their products.

Retailers can add the Snatter service to their payment process - shoppers are directed to a retailer-branded Snatter page, where they can post the link to their social networks before being given a discount code and taken back to the retailer site.

Founder of Snatter Grahame Cohen said, "In the past marketers have sought to draw on the power of Twitter by paying prolific users to post favourable comments about a product or service and often link to it. But users often see through these updates and consider them to be spam because they've only been posted by someone in exchange for a monetary award. Snatter is different because users are only offered discounts on the products they're about to purchase and receive no payment for doing so. It's a completely transparent service."

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