New Online London Data Soon Available Free

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced the launch on 29th January of a free data website called The London Datastore. This information about the city, which was previously found only within City Hall, will now be fully open to the public.

The London Datastore will include more than 200 datasets, such as crime rates, hospital waiting lists, schools data and recycling rates. Developers of the site will be offered up to £200,000 for the best applications through Channel 4's 4ip initiative.

Mayor Johnson said, "I firmly believe that access to information shouldn't be the preserve of institutions and a limited elite. Data belongs to the people, particularly that held by the public sector, and getting hold of it shouldn't involve a complex routine of jumping through a series of ever-decreasing hoops."

"The US has led the way on this idea of setting their data free for anyone - students, campaigners, software developers - to use. Now it's time for Britain to get up to speed and I want London, as the greatest city in the UK, to be at the forefront of this revolution. That will not only increase democracy but also provide a potential moneyspinner for the city's hugely important software development sector."

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