New LG TV Aims to Elevate Entire Brand Positioning

LG is aiming high with their upcoming product release and supporting campaign - it is hoped that the "world's first" 55 inch curved screen OLED TV will have an umbrella effect, resulting in a sales and perception boost across all their home entertainment and appliance products.

The electronics giant is positioning their upcoming £7,999 TV as an "iconic hero product" that will see the entire brand viewed by consumers as "premium and aspirational".

A supporting £2m advertising campaign includes a 30-second TV ad, plus microsite, in-store and social media activity. It is due for release on 20 December and will run until late January. The ad was created in-house, and features the strapline "A curve that sets everything straight".

LG UK Commercial Director, Andy Mackay, commented: "Part of this drive is to further build LG's brand value and associate our brand with premium and aspirational home products. As this type of technology takes off, we want LG to be seen as product leadership."

This latest move by LG follows their recent introduction of fresh, warmer branding with a new "It's all possible" strapline to complement the existing "Life's Good" strapline. LG has also started to makes prominent use of red circles to draw attention to the USP's and consumer benefits of its products.

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