New Ad Tool for Small Businesses Announced By Twitter

An announcement has been made by Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, on the fact that the microblogging site is developing a self-service ad tool designed to give small businesses the opportunity to advertise on their site.

He explained their company is working on a service that will allow small businesses to take advantage of targeting possibilities such as location and buy ads on a smaller scale.

Up until now, the advertising services it has launched so far are for selected big-spending brands, such as their Promoted Tweets and the launch last week of Promoted Accounts which lets advertisers which include Xbox and Rockstar Games to promote themselves to relevant users in the 'Who to follow' section of a Twitter page.

This latest development is similar to the existing Facebook self-service ad platform which lets advertisers target ads based on a users' profile information and the pages they like, but differs in that Twitter will focus on serving ads by small businesses based on who people follow.

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