New Absolute Flavoured Vodka Marketing Aims to Position Brand as Creative Leader

The Absolut brand, owned by Pernod Ricard, has now revealed a new look for its flavoured vodka range - it will be rolling out across the UK this month.

According to Absolut Global Design Director, Anna Kamjou, the revamp aims to position the brand as a creative leader by "giving our customers distinct designs that are unlike anything one has ever seen."

She explained: "The standard thinking says fruit-flavoured vodka requires fruit imagery. We wanted to break that convention. We asked our design team to reach into the symbolism and myths tied to the ingredients to find each flavour's core essence - and then amplify that essence through art... Absolut has long challenged conventions through creativity. This across-the-board redesign is another example of the brand's originality and boldness."

To create the brand marketing facelift, designers interpreted each flavour's essence and then strived to highlight these impressions artistically into "something premium, contemporary and progressive".

Absolut Pears and Absolut Raspberry will be the first to hit the market in Britain, with other flavours following throughout 2013 and 2014.

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