Microsoft Highlights How Google Snoops on User Emails for Targeted Ad Positioning

Microsoft is acting to leverage increasing public concern about digital privacy to attract users to its email service, as well as taking aim at rival Google for scanning people's private emails.

The technology giant is launching a nationwide campaign to promote its "private" Outlook service, while at the same time highlighting how Google trawls through people's emails to position targeted advertising.

They are rolling out an initiative called "Keep You Email Private" - this directs users to a microsite which has been created to demonstrate how Google consistently scans users' emails in search of keywords to target advertising. The site features a video depicting how Google's bots scan content, and a petition calling for them to stop.

Microsoft's campaign is comprised of two ads, one in Pig Latin and another in English. This demonstrates and compares the difference when users send emails without them being scanned for ads. The ad reads: "Keep calm and Keep your email private", then claims that "Google goes through every word of your emails to sell ads. But doesn't".

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