KFC Launches New TV Ad as Part of Revised Marketing Tactic

Following on from a new strategy launched earlier this year to boost customer appeal by taking a more emotional approach to their marketing instead of the traditional product and provenance centred advertising, KFC has launched a new multi-channel campaign to reflect their fresh positioning.

Created by BBH London, the "Rodeo" TV ad will be unveiled tonight (21 July). It promotes KFC's new Great American Bites range, featuring a modern real-life rodeo cowboy and his son. BBH says the creative is based on the insight that KFC "has the power to replenish, both physically and emotionally".

The director of the TV promo, Jeff Labbe, commented: "Our Hero Dad and Son had never stepped foot in front of a camera. The Dad has a rodeo past and now spends his days rounding cattle on his ranch. Three days after our shoot, our son won the Novice Bareback Championship at the Calgary Stampede - the biggest outdoor Rodeo in the world. The idea of being in front of a camera was probably a daring adventure for them, so in turn I guess that made perfect sense with the brief."

The TV spot will be complemented by social media activity created by Fabric. It offers a competition with the chance to win a holiday to the US.

KFC's new strategy is being overseen by their new Vice President of marketing for the UK and Ireland, David Timm, in September.

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