Innocent Drinks Continues Legacy of Engaging Content with Mother's Day Cards

Known for their consumer appeal through creatively clever brand messaging, Innocent Drinks is leveraging Mother's Day (Sunday 15 March) with the release of apt cards for the occasion on its blog and social channels.

The card creative targets those who tend to forget Mother's Day, with four savvy messages to warm their Mum's hearts and continue the brand's legacy of engaging, useful content. This follows a similar successful card scheme which Innocent Drinks previously launched for Valentine's Day and Christmas Day posts. The cards can be accessed and printed by clicking on their blog link.

Head of Digital and Communities at Innocent Drinks, Joe McEwan, commented: "We'd noticed how popular the simple format of good words on a card had proved for previous events, we have always loved words, and tried to write things that actually add value to someone's day."

"From day one we talked to people on our packaging in an interesting, engaging way, so that's something we continue to do on our social channels. Our ultimate goal on social is to create content that's so good you'll want to tap your mate on the shoulder to introduce it to them. We're not interested in dull, generic content. There's too much of that out there already."

McEwan is critical of brands that inject their product into social media discourse for the sake of it. He concluded: "We try to be useful - if you're useful, you're not dull. There is a time and place to feature our drinks in our content - this wasn't one of them. In my opinion, there are few things more tragic in the world of marketing than a piece of reactive content with a product desperately shoehorned into it."

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