History Channel Boosts Digital Marketing Spend to Reach Younger Audience

In a bid to reach younger audiences, broadcaster of the History Channel, AETN, has now committed to spending 30% of its marketing budget on digital activity.

The decision to boost its mobile offering follows the success of AETN's StreetMuseum app, which was devised with the Museum of London and went on to generate nearly 20,000 downloads.

Kiera Doherty, AETN Marketing Manager, explained their significant increase in digital marketing investment aims to "to take the brand out of the living room".

She added: "We're looking to give our [younger] target audience an immersive experience and challenge the idea that history is boring."

By diverting spend from offline channels to online, the broadcaster also aims to focus on digital content for teachers who could then promote the apps among their students.

AETN further plans to boost activity on Foursquare - the History Channel badge which points out buildings of historical interest when a user checks in at over 600 locations around London. Foursquare has already seen 90,000 new additions since February, bringing the total to 220,000 followers.

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