Google Steps Up the Premium Video Ad Inventory Game

To address the difficulty in finding high quality video ad inventory and thereby grow brand marketing spend even further, Google is launching a premium video ad buying platform called Google Partner Select.

Described by Google as bringing together "the best of brand with the best of programmatic", their Partner Select platform will involve a select group of publishers (which have not as yet been named). This puts Google in direct competition with specialist video exchanges such as BrightRoll, LiveRail and Specific Media.

The programme is designed to allow brands to place bids on pre-roll and mid-roll ads through real-time auctions, while Google's algorithms act to match the desired audiences of advertisers with the inventory on the platform. Partner Select inventory will also be available to demand-side platforms and agency programmatic trading desks for purchase.

Google VP of Display and Video Advertising Products, Neal Mohan, commented in a blog post: "This new option is meant to help streamline what today can be a cumbersome process, involving days of back-and-forth negotiations, dozens of phone calls and sometimes, yes, a fax machine. We hope brands and publishers will be able to spend less time on logistics and more time building partnerships and winning creative and content."

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