Google Reattempts to Overturn Court Ruling Concerning Bypassing Apple Security

Google is attempting for the second time to overturn a High Court privacy ruling which awarded payment of damages to possibly millions of Britons for getting around Apple device security settings.

The legal issue is centred on the circumstances in 2011/12 when Google bypassed security settings on Apple's Safari browser in order to obtain access to tracking cookies on people's devices.

The search giant is battling the court ruling on the grounds that British courts do not have jurisdiction over the issue. With the argument that consumers never suffered actual harm, and additionally that a similar case was in fact dismissed by US courts, Google has now launched the case with the Court of Appeal.

A statement by Google explained their reasoning: "We don't think it meets the court's standards required for it to be heard, which is why we are appealing it."

Legal firm Olswang, which is representing three claimants for damages, conversely commented on their position: "There is no legal principle that prevents these types of claims to be taken against overseas defendants."

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