Google Chrome Browser Creates Personalised Music Video

Google, together with the band Arcade Fire, has finalised the functionality which allows users to create a personalised music video using HTML5, Google Maps and the latest in browser technologies.

Aaron Koblin, of Google's Creative Lab division, commented, "What would a music experience designed specifically for the modern web look like? This is a question we've been playing around with for the last few months. Browsers and web technologies have advanced so rapidly in the last few years that powerful experiences tailored to each person in real time are now a reality."

The project, titled Wilderness Downtown, will promote both Google's Chrome web browser and Arcade Fire's new song 'We Used To Wait' from their album release this month. Writer and director Chris Milk created the actual video.

Users will simply be asked to enter the address of where they grew up to generate a personalised video using Google Maps. Multiple Google Chrome browser windows will move around the screen and permit a drawing tool.

The video can be accessed from Chrome Experiments as well as the Wilderness Downtown website.

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