Facebook Rivals Twitter with Roll Out of Real-Time Search

In June 2009, Facebook revealed it was building a new real-time search that would rival Twitter Search. In December it has made good on this promise by deploying this new search technology which will crawl the last 30 days of news feed activity.

Not only will it search status updates, but photos, notes, images, videos, and links of Facebook profiles as well as the pages of which a user is a fan, it will also crawl any public profiles and status updates.

Furthermore, Facebook has made changes that will allow users to post their status updates publicly in anticipation of the new search.

This move, along with Facebook's recent acquisition of Friendfeed, is widely considered to be a direct effort at competing with Twitter. If they manage to get a strong foothold on the marketplace, this could also affect Google's plans to release its own real-time search strategy.

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