Expert Says Keyword Targeting Beats Remarketing

Google's UK Head of YouTube and Display, Bruce Daisley, has today claimed that keyword contextual targeting - the act of using keywords or topics to match ads to sites within the Google display network - can generate five times the clicks that retargeting delivers.

Mr Daisley commented: "Remarketing is seen as something of a dark art of advertising throughout the industry, because it tends to deliver both good click-through rates and conversions... One of the limiting factors, however, is that advertisers struggle to deliver enough volume through it."

Last December, YouTube launched an ad format called TrueView, which allows users to choose whether they want to watch a pre-roll video or skip over it. This has proved to be a successful way to keep users engaged, and also places emphasis on advertisers to come up with more engaging and relevant content.

Mr Daisley further added: "Only 53% of video ads are watched to completion. By giving users the choice to skip through the ads on YouTube we're reducing the possibilities of advertisers gaming the system and reporting data that isn't wholly accurate."

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