Europcar to Increase Spend on MVT to Boost Online Customer Experience

Since online bookings now account for almost 50% of its entire uptake, Europcar is set to boost its website optimisation and digital marketing team plus invest in a multimillion marketing campaign.

The pan-European car rental company is looking to increase customer conversion rates on its website platform by reviewing how best to present content online through multivariate testing (MVT).

This approach allows brands to track specific parts of a page that users are clicking on so that they can gain insight into the most popular features of their site as well as determine the best combination of content to improve sales through behavioural targeting.

Since previous MVT exercises have been successful, Europcar plans to increase its investment in the technique, which entails almost constant supervision, to 30% this year.

Europcar's Head of User Experience, Catrena Blanco, has explained that their strategy is based on the fact that consumers are increasingly seeking their services online, so it's important to "build products that revolve around people's needs".

She also added that using the MVT approach ensures their online content strategy is "not necessarily based on subjective decisions made by a marketer."

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