Electoral Commission Brings Facebook On Board to Attract Young Voters

The Electoral Commission is encouraging 18-24 year olds to vote in the General Election using Facebook. On 10 April the campaign will serve every UK Facebook user an ad asking if they're registered to vote.

An application has been created by the two organisations that lets users download a personalised voter registration form to send to the Electoral Commission. The app will sit on Facebook's dedicated election page, Democracy UK, which launched last month.

The campaign follows research from New Media Age which found that increased political activity online had increased young people's interest in the election.

Clinton Proud, Head of Campaigns & Public Information at the Electoral Commission, said, "Research using the 2001 Census estimated that about 3.5m people who were eligible to vote in England and Wales weren't registered. And recent research suggests there may still be millions not registered to vote. By downloading and printing a form through Facebook, users can now make sure they can have their say on election day."

Director of Policy for Facebook, Richard Allan, said, "By joining forces with the Electoral Commission, we're enabling our users to exercise their right to vote, as well as providing them with a platform to engage with the issues."

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