Charity UNICEF Creating Centralised Brand Narrative to Boost Perception in UK

Having undergone a restructure of its communications division, charity UNICEF is gearing to focus on the "untapped potential" of the brand by developing a central message.

Following from the recognition that public perception in the UK falls behind its perception in other countries because they lack a central brand narrative, they aim to integrate their marketing to boost supporter appeal.

UNICEF's newly appointed Head of Brand Rebecca Walton has said that the charity still has work to do to define what it stands for and how best to approach marketing communications.

Ms Walton commented: "UNICEF is very trusted, it's very rational and intelligent but it underplays on the emotional level and doesn't have a warm appeal. To get mass support you need that appeal. We're not bringing it to life and making people feel inspired to support UNICEF."

She added: "UNICEF has the biggest impact on the lives of children in the UK and around the world but we haven't found a way to encapsulate it and out it into words."

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