Cancer Research Prepares for Major Brand Refresh to Encourage Public Engagement

Having realised that its existing branding "has been holding it back", Cancer Research UK is embarking on a major overhaul of their marketing strategy to boost public donations.

The charity is investing £680,000 on introducing the new brand identity across all its communications platforms. This includes the introduction of a new logo, tone of voice and overall approach to their promotional activities.

Executive Director of Fundraising & Marketing at Cancer Research UK, Richard Taylor, explained recently in an interview that their overhaul is aimed at creating a fresh brand personality that is "smart, brave, engaging and optimistic". He added that their previous marketing strategy created the perception that the charity is "too clinical" and "too scientific".

Mr Taylor commented: "There's a lot of uncertainty around what we do. People don't have a clear idea how we're relevant to them. Our work isn't changing, it's about how we present ourselves. We'll be more confident about our work and bold in how we talk and be less clinical by using language that people use in their daily lives to be a bit warmer."

He added: "The challenge for us is that our fundraising income has stayed flat, but an increasing number of people are getting cancer. We're also at a golden era of research into cancer, we're making huge advances and we need to exploit that. We're only limited by the funds we can raise so the more we can make the public think of themselves as shareholders, the more we can raise."

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