Boots Shifts Advertising Strategy to Appeal to Wider Audience

Boots has created fresh brand positioning by scrapping their 'Here come the girls' ads in favour of marketing that has a broader appeal.

Their new Christmas advertising campaign features a 'Let's make you into a unicorn' theme, with a voiceover strapline to be used in all future brand communications. It states: "Let's feel good. Let's give gifts that keep on giving."

The 90-second ad shows a number of different families giving gifts that will inspire each other to feel good at Christmas, such as two daughters encouraging their mum to get back on the dating scene.

It will launch on TV tomorrow (10 November) during the X Factor, and the campaign will also span press, digital and direct mail activity.

Boots Marketing Director Elizabeth Fagan explained that the company wanted to move on from the message it has been communicating for the last four or five years. She also said that this change will better resonate with all age demographics and families, instead of purely appealing to women.

Ms Fagan commented: "We're moving from 'Boots gets women', to Boots wants to inspire women to do things that make them feel good. This Christmas is about inspiring people to give gifts that genuinely give people a good feeling well after Christmas. It's about diversity and the whole UK. The appeal of our brand is widespread and we wanted to reflect that diversity."

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