Boots Launching First Mobile App to Boost Multi-Channel Activity for Christmas

To enhance their Christmas marketing campaign, health and beauty retailer Boots is gearing to launch their first mobile app shortly.

The exact features of the app have not yet been announced, although it is expected to be related to the Boots' three-for-two Christmas gift promotion and Advantage loyalty scheme. It may also offer a selector tool which matches people with the right gifts.

It is also unclear whether the new app will be free or paid for, while an additional host of mobile initiatives are due to follow in the coming months.

Up until now, Boots has been "cautious" in its approach to adopting mobile apps - instead they have focussed on making it easier to collect and redeem points online as well as optimising their digital presence for mobile platforms.

To ensure their comprehensive multichannel strategy has the right foundation, Boots has also overhauled its IT systems.

Ruth Spencer, Boots Director of Insight, Loyalty and Multichannel, commented on their upcoming app: "We've been rigorous and will not build apps unless they are genuinely going to be useful in the long-term. We've been much more considered so that we can produce something that customers will find value in. It's more important before getting seduced by sexy apps that you get the basics of digital right, otherwise you risk doing all the shiny bits without having the foundations right."

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