Birds Eye Ramps Up for More Consistent Brand Experience

Having acknowledged that its marketing has not been as effective as it would have liked, frozen food company Birds Eye is gearing up to create a unified brand experience across all channels.

To support a more consistent brand message, Birds Eye is set to launch its biggest sampling push ever this month, in the form of a nationwide tour as well as TV spots to promote its products.

In addition, they have devised a new social media campaign in partnership with Mischief PR which aims to 'recruit influencers' and communicate stories around its manufacturing process in a way that will be relevant and engaging to consumers.

Birds Eye will also be looking to bring its in-store, outdoor and digital advertising more in-line with TV campaigns, with the hope of better communicating where their products come from and how sustainable they are - a key move following consumer distrust after the horse meat scandal.

Marketing Director of Birds Eye, Margaret Jobling, commented: "Our plan this year is to have a more seamless flow across all our channels. Moving forward we'll build sustainability and provenance much more into our messaging to constantly reassure consumers about the quality of our supply chain and the high standards we set for all our products."

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