Birds Eye Is Latest Food Brand to Switch to Occasion-Based Advertising

Frozen food brand Birds Eye is now employing consumer data to shift from product-based to occasion-based marketing.

The move is aimed at changing public perceptions of the frozen food sector. Their new positioning follows the relaunch of their Baked to Perfection range last September, which identified the fact that consumers were responding best to products when they had a clear idea of the meal occasion and what to cook the products with.

Birds Eye will use the concept of the "consumption occasion" to promote the health benefits of their products, while also offering recipe suggestions to bring its marketing more in synch with mothers (their key audience).

Later this year, the brand will also leverage this approach with a multi-channel marketing that spans TV, online and experiential advertising.

This shift follows Birds Eye' joining forces with retail specialist agency Live & Breathe earlier this month to handle below-the-line marketing for their entire range of frozen foods.

Occasion-based marketing is increasingly being used by food brands to better promote their products and drive conversion.

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