O2 and Vodafone Scramble to Combat Allure of EE's Upcoming 4G Launch

In an attempt not to lose significant market share with the introduction of the UK's first 4G network by EE, Vodafone and O2 are set to launch a major marketing assault from the end of October.

EE's 4G network, which now incorporates Orange and T-Mobile, is due for roll out from 30th October and will be supported by a marketing investment that will run into tens of millions.

Competing mobile operators will not be able to launch their own 4G networks however until next spring at the earliest, meaning EE will have a good head start at being the first to market.

To combat this, O2 is set to increase marketing activity for its Priority proposition which gives customers bonus perks such as early access to Nike products and events.

Vodafone meanwhile is gearing up to double the amount it originally intended to spend on promoting its "Red" unlimited calls and text tariffs using the Yoda character as its Star Wars brand ambassador.

It is hoped that these promotional efforts will be able to sufficiently keep their customers on board despite EE's major USP of offering the highest browsing speeds for mobiles.

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